What is Bootsie's Teton Boot Lab?

Bootsie's Teton Boot Lab is a ski boot shop in Jackson Hole specializing in custom boot fitting. Bootsie has 25 years experience fitting all types of ski boots. He started fitting ski boots in Utah, where he was born, and spent 11 years fitting boots at Snowbird. He then moved to Sun Valley (Ketchum), Idaho where he started Sun Valley's custom boot fitting department. After five years there he moved to Jackson Hole where he currently resides. Over the years he has worked with virtually every type of custom footbed, custom liner, and ski boot in the industry. His approach to fitting ski boots is pretty straightforward, give the customer as much information as possible, keep it simple, and stabilize the foot. He also completed the Pedorthic program at OSU Okmulgee, and became a C. Ped in 2001 to gain more knowledge about orthotics and the anatomy of the lower leg and foot.

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