Teton Boot Lab specializes in custom liners from DFP and Intuition. Both companies liners are made in the same factory and offer all the benefits explained below. We carry the DFP tongue liner made by Intuition, and Intuition wrap liners. Other liners can be special ordered if necessary.

Intuition Liners

Are both your feet exactly the same size or shape? We will bet you not! Since "stock" liners that come with ski boots are, it is almost impossible to make them work and fit correctly. Custom liners are cost effective, warmer, lighter, and custom to each foot. Ensuring more comfortable, warmer, and better skiing boots.

DFP Footbeds

Probably the most important piece of equipment we own as skiers and snowboarders, custom footbeds. We offer four different types of custom footbeds from DFP for every type of foot out there. High arches, flat feet and everywhere in between, we have a solution for you. We also make custom footbeds (orthotics) for all types of footwear, biking shoes, running shoes, cleats, hockey and ice skates, you name it we have a product for it.

Vibram Soles

Trying to get more life or traction out of your ski boots? We carry and install Vibram lifters to your current ski boots to solve this problem. It is best to install these lifters to new ski boots with solid soles. May be extra for used or damaged boots.


Often used by racers for leverage, other skiers use these to gain more life out of their ski boots. Lifters come in different heights and even come canted for those who have alignment issues.