Ski Boot Consultation

Having an issue or painful feet with your current ski boots or looking for a new alpine or AT ski boots? Set up a boot consultation and Bootsie can go over solutions or answers to your questions.  We do not sell ski boots but based on your foot type, ability, and type of boot you are looking for, can help you find a perfect solution for your next boot purchase.

Computerized Stance Alignment (Canting)

Having an issue getting on or off edge or staying balanced on your skis? Bootsie will be doing computerized stance alignment (canting) with a Tekscan to solve this problem. Used by many racers, this service can also be beneficial to every level of skier that has issues either getting their skis on or off edge or staying balanced on the hill.

Custom Boot Work

Have a sore spot? Sixth toe? Lange bang? Etc? We can customize virtually any type of boot to fix these problems. Whether is is shell grinding, shell stretching, or adding padding, you name it we can fix it. We have every tool available to fix your problem.

Liner Molding

Bootsie has been the #1 Intuition dealer in the US for 15 years and has molded more liners than anyone else. Period. Ordered a liner direct from a company or does your boot come with a heat moldable liner? Set up an appointment and we'll make sure your liner is molded correctly the first time!